Industry specialized teams

Highly educated talent with industry expertise on healthcare, fintech, NLU, and computer vision to help you increase the accuracy of your projects.

We do the sourcing and training so you can focus on core tasks.

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Medical AI

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Digital Banking

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Language-based AI

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Content Creation

Wait, how do you classify “to sternutate*”?

When you need Specialized Teams to recognize industry terminology and help you prepare accurate data (i.e. *sneeze).

Educated personnel for skilled tasks
Certain tasks require you to have an engineering, legal, financial or medical background to swiftly learn new concepts and annotate, tag or transcribe correctly.

Industry specific data creation
Knowledge services who are familiar with your industry terminology to delegate audio transcription, instance segmentation and other services that require a skilled human-in-the-loop.

The benefits of sourcing the higher educated
We hire flexible teams to handle your specific needs in semantic segmentation, financial annotation and other industry relevant tasks such as content validation or media creation.

Labelled for your machine learning needs
From annotated data and data labelling to semantic segmentation. Werkit’s remote workforce will help you to build useful training datasets so your AI services can offer higher accuracy.

Specialized teams

Flexible on-demand talent specialized on Industry specifics for higher accuracy.

Based on industry needs

  • For fintech and digital banking
  • For healthcare and medical AI needs
  • For automotive and self driving
  • For NLU and language based AI
  • For legal and regtech
  • For media and content creation

Trusted by Verbit

Verbit has trusted our experts for audio transcription, text annotation and text validation.

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