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Delegate Tasks To Skilled Virtual Teams

Launch your projects faster. We curate advanced teams so you can focus on your core innovations.

We handle data processing, image annotation and AI datasets.

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Industry specific services by professionals who understand your terminology to delegate audio transcription, instance segmentation, and other services that require a skilled human-in-the-loop.

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Medical AI

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Digital Banking

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Language-based AI

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Content Creation

Our Services

  • Computer Vision Services
  • Natural Language Processing Services
  • Data Processing Services
  • Advanced Talent Services
  • Digital Marketing Services
  • Identity Verification Services

Our Solutions

We build advanced virtual teams for data processing, AI automation, and other time-consuming tasks.

Large teams

Large managed crowds

A scalable workforce that lowers the cost of building and training datasets.

Specialized in finance

Industry specialization

Subject matter experts for high accuracy data processing and model training.

Startup helpers

Helping start-ups

We build teams so you can focus on your core innovation.

Delegated to Werkit

Companies from the AI, media, finance, and technology industries trust Werkit to delegate their tasks and reduce their workload, allowing them to focus on higher value added tasks and finally breathe.

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The Process of Helping You Grow

Our rigorous due diligence process identifies the right talent so you get the most relevant expertise for your precise needs.

We conduct an extensive identity verification process so you can rely on the talent you work with.

About Werkit
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Map out requirements, automate workflows and set targets


Talent testing, training, QA, and team building


Grow your team as needed over time
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Werkit is helping companies be leaner, faster, and more accurate. We provide the workforce to help you grow. Delegate the tasks to us and relax.

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People helping you build a project
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